1. False Eyelashes are Good for Your Natural Eyelashes

Aside from the impact on your look that it creates, falsies actually benefit your natural lashes. Unlike mascara that can make your lashes brittle and weak, false eyelashes act as an alternative to reduce the impact on your natural lashes, thus allowing them to grow thicker and healthier.

MYTH:  False eyelashes can damage your natural lashes.

FACT: They do not. It requires the correct and proper application to ensure that your false eyelashes will not cause any sort of damage to your natural lashes. Of course, while wearing one, you need to be careful to not rub your eyes that may cause the lashes to be pulled–both the falsies and the natural ones.

2. Go for a Wear-Proof Makeup

During occasions when your emotions can be easily triggered, faux eyelashes can save you from getting your eyeliner or mascara streaked. This is especially useful when attending heartwarming occasions like weddings or when watching a tearjerking movie.

3. Find a Material that Suits You

Eyelashes come in variants–you’re sure to find the one that you most prefer wearing. Usually, the most popular materials used for false eyelashes are plastic, human hair, and mink hair. But if you are after achieving a realistic look, your best choice would be mink lashes.

4. Cruelty-Free Options are Available

You don’t even have to worry about not being eco-friendly when wearing falsies. In fact, if you really like mink false eyelashes without the guilt, Silk lashes follow a green approach to creating their lashes.

Did you know?  The mink hair that silk uses for their handcrafted eyelashes is harvested from a mink preservation area. This means that while they offer realistic false lashes, no mink was hurt in the process of its creation!

5. Give Your Look the Extra ‘Oomph’ 

On days when you need to be extra, you can rely on your false eyelashes to create an impact that is far greater when you’re wearing your usual makeup. With your falsies, you can easily be a head-turner when you want to!

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