6D Mink Lashes

6D Mink Eyelashes Suppliers Wholesale

After the YSL Lashes Wholesale Vendor launched 3d mink lashes, 25mm mink lashes, and 20mm mink lashes. In order to meet the needs of the market, we also asked our designers to design 6d mink eyelashes exclusively. This series of eyelashes includes 28mm mink lashes, 25mm double layer mink lashes, and 20mm double layer mink lashes.

If 3d mink lashes bring people agile and natural, then 25mm mink lashes bring people a feminine charm. And 6d mink lashes brings us a leap in the soul of a woman who loves beauty.

6d mink lashes are suitable for banquets, live broadcasts, or when going to bars and other entertainment venues. Because this series of eyelashes can highlight your eyes and attract people’s attention.

High-Quality 6d Mink Eyelashes Wholesaler

For each mink eyelashea, we choose the longest tail hair, long and fluffy and soft, natural and smooth. Skilled workers use smart hands to make them. Due to the complexity of the process. 6d mink eyelashes can only produce 5 pairs per day, so the price of 6d mink lashes is more expensive for 3d mink eyelashes and ordinary eyelashes.

YSLLashes eyelashes have a strict quality inspection team. Each pair of wholesale 6D mink eyelashes must be checked on the tray more than three times. And each pair of eyelashes needs to be sterilized by high temperature before it can be issued. So YSLLashes eyelashes are very safe and non-irritating. With the efforts of all teams, we have become a leader in the local eyelash industry.

Because of the high quality and unique style, we wholesale 6d mink lashes in short supply. Our eyelashes are trusted by many customers around the world. They put charming and dramatic 6d mink eyelashes in many applications, such as parties, weddings, performance life, etc.

3D mink eyelash description and product features

All eyelashes are the latest styles
100% fine Siberian mink, vivid and fluffy
100% handmade by skilled workers
Lighter and softer
No harm to eyes
easy to wear
100% pure, cruel and mink-free eyelashes
Eyelash gel is non-irritating and odorless and is good for your health.
The band is soft and thin comfortable to wear.
The 3D design makes the 3D effect very good, giving a fluffy and flattering look
long-lasting and durable, if properly handled, an average of more than 25 applications

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