A lifetime of false eyelashes

I’m sure you’ve all seen the products or pictures of false eyelashes. So how do you know the lifetime of false eyelashes production, sales, and delivery to your hand?

It starts by selecting the best natural hair from the fur supplier, such as horse hair and sable hair, and then sends it to the factory. Where the workers conduct secondary screening to ensure the quality of each hair. The hair is selected and made by hand. For the shape is not good, but also screened out.

Then the factory will send it to the salesman, who will screen it again and determine the style with the customer. Then select the packing box.

After selecting the packaging box, the packaging box factory to make. And then sent to the hands of the salesman, packaging, see the final effect, after customer satisfaction, the salesman began to tally. And then contact the express company, for delivery. The goods carefully packaged, to ensure that the customer is in good shape.

After delivery, the salesman shall update and follow up the logistics to ensure the timeliness of express delivery. And communicate with the express company and customers in time.

After receiving the goods, the customer shall inquire about the integrity of the goods, check the quantity, and collect the customer’s Suggestions after wearing and using. Then make beneficial improvements to ensure the quality of eyelashes gets better and better.

Finally, false eyelashes can be in host’s hand, help host sends out glamour

False eyelash serves as the part of makeup look, had very important effect, the highest peak of its life is to wear when going up in host eye namely

Well, this is the lifetime of false eyelashes, isn’t it very meaningful? Interested friends, can come to consult oh.


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