These cover the width of the whole eye and are secured onto a thin band. Strip lashes are made to fit all eye shapes, so you will probably need to trim them-start from the outer corner, where the lashes are the longest so you don’t alter the natural gradient.
Good-quality  strip lashes are usually made from real or mink fur, look soft on the eye, curve in a natural shape and blend with your natural lashes. Check that mink fur is sourced ethically.


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Synthetic strip lashes usually have a harder texture with a shiny finish.

Look closely at lashes before you buy them. Natural lashes should have finer hairs and be evenly spaced. Some have hairs that are longer or bunched together in certain areas, where they will draw attention. Consider your eye shape when deciding where the lash emphasis should be. Always go more natural than you think you want. False lashes look longer and more dramatic on the eye than in the packet.
You apply adhesive to the band, the strip from which the hairs protrude. The band’s thickness depends on the length and weight of fur. Thicker bands are less flexible and are harder to apply and feel more uncomfortable. A natural band is more comfortable and also blends into the lash line easily.

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