Are You Looking for a Custom Lash Box Vendor? Do you want to get a beautiful Eyelash Packaging you wanted? If you are wondering with all these questions then you are on the right page.

We have more than 300 luxury customized Eyelash Packaging Boxes with perfect quality! These style boxes can be printed with your personal logo or brand name. Your customized eyelash packaging can be completed within 3-5 days! We can guarantee timely delivery.

Multiple Eyelashes Packaging Box

The latest Multiple Eyelashes Packaging Box, can hold 4 pairs Mink Lashes. the inner box is wrapped with laser paper, it is very luxurious, if you don’t like white trays, we also have black trays.

eyelash packaging box

This packaging can hold 4 clear cases, each clear box can hold 4 pairs of mink eyelashes, total 16 pairs mink lashes.

packaging boxes

Paper Boxes

We will regularly launch new style carton packaging. If you don’t like magnet boxes, but pursue simplicity, then paper card boxes are the most suitable.

custom paper boxes

Magnet Box

There are too many styles of magnet boxes, these are the most popular styles by customers recently.

custom eyelash packaging box

Beautiful Customized Eyelash Packaging Box, with your brand name and LOGO printed on the front and your social media information on the back, which can better promote your products. Cheap eyelash packaging boxes will look very poor quality and will seriously affect your brand image.Some unscrupulous businesses may also use stickers instead of 3D printing, So choosing a good packaging box supplier is crucial.

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