1. How to put false eyelashes?

1.1, let’s start posting it!
Use tweezers that good eyelash, do not need both sides with scissors cut off, use small see more convenient.

1.2 apply the black part on the root of the eyelash and spread it on both sides.
Wait for eyelashes to change from blue to transparent.
(about 10-15 seconds, don’t wait to be completely transparent.)

1.3 eye shadow – fake eyelashes – eyeliner – mascara is the foundation of eye makeup.
Use tweezers and hands to hold both sides of the eye in the shape of the eyes, and the eyes begin to be carefully placed!

Among 1.4, so feel a little empty – and, in the middle of the empty like my eyelashes and false eyelashes together by hand to press the press the down feelings, on their own eyelash hair root good false eyelashes, rearranging.

2. How to put false eyelash?

1.5, the space between your eyelashes and false eyelashes will be found when you are finished.
So this space is filled with eyeliner.
(need to use thin eyeliner) but the process is not very obvious, it is in the distance looking at not to come out, so it can be omitted, if want to perfect stick good false eyelash can do this.

1.6 so it is natural to finish the lashes.

2. Comparison of the three most popular ciliary methods.

Eyelash creams advantage: oneself can besmear, repair makeup is convenient, novice also can grasp quickly.

False eyelash advantage: convenient and quick, remove makeup also relatively easy.

Take advantage of eyelashes: don’t apply makeup to remove makeup,24 hours to maintain the perfect long eyelash.

Eyelash cream disadvantage: every day should apply makeup remove makeup, encounter water to sweat may be easy to take off makeup.

False eyelash disadvantage: novice needs more practice ability to master method, whole row false eyelash makeup effect is not natural, single bundle takes time is longer.

Eyelash disadvantage: the price is expensive and the quality level is uneven, the aesthetic and technique of beautician is required, fall off to need to go to beauty salon to make up.

3. How to discharge false eyelashes?

3.1. Apply appropriate amount of makeup oil with cotton swab, first wipe the root of the eyelash, it is worth noting that, when wiping the root of eyelash, it must be gentle and carefully wipe off the false eyelash.

3.2, the false eyelash root that use discharge makeup oil brush can peel off after a few minutes, so in the unloading don’t forced himself to false eyelash tear false eyelash glue on the eyelid, because it will make your eyelash was torn off, for a long time to tear false lashes drooping eyelids sagging even.

3.3, to be completely false eyelash after discharge makeup oil separation from falling out, again with a clean makeup cotton, the new discharge makeup oil poured on the makeup cotton, and then use discharge makeup cotton apply eye, at the time of discharge makeup cotton apply eye, must close their eyes, because that can avoid the discharge makeup oil into the eyes, which hurt eyes.
After 10 seconds of applying makeup cotton, remove the makeup cotton, and when removing the makeup cotton, you should take it gently with the false eyelashes.

4. How to maintain eyelash?

1. Master the correct discharge of mascara and false eyelashes.

For hard to remove waterproof mascara and false eyelashes, can discharge makeup oil or cream, and other products or discharge clean choice, remind everybody: see the product is applied to the eyelids, avoid stimulate an eye and eye skin.
As for the general mascara, dermatologists believe that many of the demands on the market can be used for the cleansing of the eye and eyelashes and the professional makeup remover, which is a good choice.

2, eyelash drop hair is serious want to ask a doctor for help.

Eyelashes suddenly fall off a lot, the most common reason is to contact with too stimulating substance, if serious, then need to consult a doctor.

How to put false eyelash?

3. The more expensive the mascara, the better.

On the market more and more appeal to add the high technology, the component maintenance level mascara, to the woman who cherish eyelash like gold, is really irresistible temptation!
In particular, it is important to emphasize that the product is “low excitant” rather than the maintenance effect.
Because reducing stimulation is the key to having healthy eyelashes.

4. Eyelash maintenance fluid can be used.

Eyelashes are also a kind of hair.
Just like our hair care products, we can make hair stronger and harder to break, and so do eyelashes.

5. What are the benefits of eyelashes?

The number of eyelashes to the human eye is 100 — 150, and the lower face is about 5 — 75.
It’s about 6 — 12 millimeters long.
Usually, the lashes of childhood are long, curved, and good-looking.
Eyelashes are constantly updated, with an average lifespan of only 3 to 5 months.
New eyelashes can be grown in about 1 week after shedding, reaching the maximum length in 10 weeks.

6. How to put false eyelash?

Eyelashes are two lines of half – arc short hairs growing on the upper and lower eyelid.
Eyelashes are the second line of the eye.
Anything close to the eye first touches the lashes, which immediately causes closed eye reflex and protects the eyeball from foreign encroachment.
Eyelashes can protect your eyes.

Eyelash protects a person’s eye: many people think, long, dense, black eyelash appears beautiful and moving.
But the physiological function of eyelashes is not to increase human beauty.
It is a “curtain” of the eye, which can cover the eyes to avoid bright light and prevent the dust from falling into the eye.
It protects the cornea and the eyeball with the eyelids.
Eyelashes can also prevent UV damage to the eyes.

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