Best Glue-On Magnetic Lashes

YSL Eyelash Vendor divides magnetic lashes into 2 different styles, Glue-on Magnetic Lashes, and Sandwich Magnetic Lashes, check the following picture you will understand what is Sandwich Magnetic Lashes. This page only talks about Glue-on magnetic lashes.

Sandwich Magnetic Lashes
Glue-on Magnetic Lashes Kits

How do Glue-on Magnetic Lashes work?

YSL Lashes design and produce many magnetic lash styles, they are supernatural and seamless, super popular in The USA. Magnetic Lashes are different from normal lashes, It uses magnetism to hold the lashes in place, not the stickiness of glue to hold the lashes together. The magnet of the magnetic eyelashes comes from the eyelash stem, and the other side comes from the magnetic glue. The magnetic glue is applied to the eyeliner, and when the glue dries, another magnet is created that interacts with the magnet on the lash stem to hold the lashes in place on the eye.

Can Glue-on Magnetic Lashes Work Well?

 The glue-on magnetic lashes work very well, they can last a whole day firmly without falling or adjusting, and they don’t move anywhere with the movement of your eyelids! Customers seem to enjoy the magnetic glue and lash set, too. “I was able to wear these lashes for six hours without needing to reapply the magnetic glue nor did I have any sort of lifting issues,” says one Ulta customer. “They were much more comfortable than glue-on eyelashes and after about an hour I couldn’t even tell I was wearing them any longer.” 

Hot Selling Magnetic Eyelash Styles

Hot Selling Magnetic False Eyelash

Magnetic DFC01

Hot Selling Magnetic Eyelashes

Magnetic DFC04

Fake Lashes

Magnetic DFC06

Best False Eyelashes

Magnetic DFC07

Best False Eyelashes

Magnetic DFC08

Magnetic False Eyelashes

Magnetic DFC10

How To Apply Magnetic Lashes?

Check the Video On Pinterest

Magnetic Lash Glue

Magnetic Lash Glue
Magnetic Lash Glue
Magnetic Lash Glue

Are Glue-on Magnetic Lashes Safe Enough?

Magnetic false eyelashes are safe if you want everything better. We suggest you use magnetic eyeliner.

About magnetic eyelashes. The magnetic eyeliner is likely safer in terms of the potential to cause traction alopecia since the false lashes are being supported by the lid more than by the natural lashes themselves. Basically, the best lashes are sticking to the magnetized eyeliner, which takes some of the weight off of your natural lashes.

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