How Does MUA Lash Boss Create an Online Lash Store?

To set up an online store for eyelashes, expand the eyelash business from the community to the whole country, and serve all American women. This is the great dream of the MUA Lash Boss. Eric, the designer of YSL Eyelash Vendor, predicted that such bosses will eventually appear in the group of Makeup Artists, especially makeup artists […]

Why Create an Eyelash Online Store?

Start off lash business at home or create an online store?when you start off your eyelash business, to do business at home or create an eyelash online store? YSL Wholesale Eyelash Vendor recommends creating a Shopify online store as a better choice than at home, hereafter we share the necessities to create a Shopify eyelash […]

How To Start Lash Business Step By Step?

People all over the world want to earn more money and live a better life after the epidemic in the year 2023. New entrepreneurs who want to make money by starting Lash Business should carefully read the blog shared by YSL Eyelash Wholesaler, step by step, smoothly start your eyelash business! Start Lash Business, Find […]

How To Plan Your Eyelash Package?

Choose the right eyelash styles and promote your eyelash brand, this is an exciting and fun matter, but it can also be overwhelming because of so many options available from YSL Wholesale Eyelash Vendor, and you only need to take out not more than 10 different eyelash styles to promote. YSL Lashes here shares some […]

How To Apply Perfect Seamless Cluster Eyelashes?

I tried to apply the Cluster Eyelashes recently, they are so soft and like real lashes, when I am done applying the lashes, it looks so natural and seamless like lash extensions done at the salon. Here I share my experience with you guys! If you learn this well, you can do it at home […]

Wing-Out Mink Lashes For Sexy Cat Eye Looks

YSL Wholesale Eyelash Vendor aims to bring style to the people, and we only feature products we think you’ll love as much as we do. Following we will display some super wing-out lashes which can make perfect sexy cat eye looks. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this […]

Why Do Your Eyelash Orders Keep Dropping?

Many people start their own eyelash business with confidence, but soon find that their orders are getting less and less, which is much different from what they imagined. Mr. Eric, a marketing expert of YSL Wholesale Eyelash Vendors, said that they probably have the following problems. If these problems cannot be solved effectively, their eyelash […]

6 Tips Increase Eyelashes Service Time

The YSL Eyelash Vendors warns our customers that external force will deform the false eyelashes, excessive pulling will cause the false eyelashes to fall, and the accumulation of glue will make the false eyelashes too heavy. YSL Wholesale Lash Vendors shares 6 eyelash usage and storage Tips for increasing eyelash service time. When you are […]

Why You Should Include Vegan Lashes in Your Lash Business

Vegan Lashes, you may hear or tried to sell this false eyelash style before but feel not hot. Today let’s find out why this unpopular fake eyelash style is still on the menu of big lash store and brand! Vegan Lashes Become Hot in Recent Years In recent years, what’s one of the most topics […]

Free Design Lash Packaging Box Logo For You

As we know, the Lashes Logo plays an important role in the Lash Business line, if you want to Build Your Lashes Brand, you should have a lash logo first. YSL Lashes is the world’s best 3d mink lashes vendor. we have a special service for my own lash business. Provide free design lash packaging […]

Why We Roll Out New Lash Material

Protecting the health of the earth is to protect our human health, as people become more and more aware of environmental protection, and the rise of bionic fibers in materials, we also use these New Lash Material for the eyelashes, using a special process to make the eyelashes beautiful and truly environmentally friendly. What is […]

How To Market Your Fake Lash Business

When establishing Fake Lash Business, you need to put effort into your marketing. In our dreams, customers come running as soon as we open our doors, but in real life, it doesn’t work that way. Today let me teach you how to sell mink lashes. People need to hear about your business, and they need […]

2022 New Custom Design Eyelash Black Miniature Paper Lash Box

What will be popular in the 2022 lash business market? I can’t say all products, but I can be sure this 2022 New Eyelash Black Mini Lash Box will be one of them! Why Has This New Eyelash Black Mini Lash Box Will Become Popular? People want convenience, portability and beauty. Previously, people just want […]

Wholesale Colorful Lashes, Colored Faux Mink Lashes

Wholesale Custom new colorful lashes, beautiful natural false eyelashes, handmade natural cruelty free lashes, colored faux mink lashes .reusable up to 25-30 times faux mink eyelashes from YSL Lashes Mink Lash wholesale colorful lashes vendor. Enjoy the factory’s lowest price wholesale high-quality Colored Faux Mink Lashes. Hi Guys, the World’s FIRST EVER Colorful faux Lashes […]

How To Design Eyelash Packaging Boxes in Eyelash Factory?

After getting to know a little about our Factory, why don’t we continue discussing details? So the main character of the next content —-“Design Eyelash Packaging Boxes”. When consumers buy eyelashes, they first see their outer packaging. How to design eyelash packaging fr an eyelash packaging vendor? A good vendor not only has high-quality eyelashes, […]

How To Run A Lash Shop 

Today, we will discuss how to run a lash shop online and offline. More and more girls would like to run a lash shop online at home. and they did succeed. We invited some of the customers to share the key points to start a lash shop online at home. and below are the main […]

Best affordable mink lashes from best eyelash suppliers

We are obsessed with our eyelashes. Faced with thousands of advertising images each day, showing women and men with amazing, perfectly lined and shadowed eyes, topped by incredibly lush mink eyelashes, it’s awfully hard not to covet them. everyone wanna the best affordable mink lashes. In our life, false eyelashes can deliver that uber-glam impact, […]

How to put individual lashes on yourself

Bold eyelashes are a great way to enhance and beautify any look. individual lashes make your lashes appear longer and fuller. while maintaining a natural look. While applying individual lashes may take some time, the end result is worth it! It’s actually very simple to put the individual lashes. Today YSL Lashes will teach you how […]

Why Your Lash Business Should Add Hot Selling Magnetic Lash?

DFC Series is a Hot Selling Magnetic lash series and is our most popular eyelash style and collection. Once listed, it quickly opened up the market and received many praises around the world. Now we have more than 20 styles of magnet eyelashes. And we have a custom service, you can customize the unique style […]

New Coming Hot Selling Magnetic Eyelashes

Our hot selling magnetic eyelashes are a very popular and popular style these days. It is different from traditional mink eyelashes or silk eyelashes. Its eyelash band is composed of 12 high-quality micro-magnets, making it extremely flexible and comfortable! It is the new darling of the global beauty eyelashes market! Different from other small wholesalers […]

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