Can you reuse your Mink Lashes? YSLLashes Can be reused!

Ok, it depends on many 3D Mink Eyelash Suppliers25mm Eyelash Suppliers Eyelash reusable eyelashes? Say they use 20-30 time again, right? Is eyelash reused?

In fact, many strips of mink lashes can be reused with good care and proper way.

However, there will be some differences in eyelashes, so it will fall on mink hair, and some will not, so this is the key to distinguish between the best eyelashes and bad eyelashes.

If the glue and mink are of the best quality and can be reused about 30 times, then you should maintain eyelashes.

How to take good care of eyelashes of eyelash supplier?

When sleeping, mink eyelashes should be removed and placed on the eyelash curler. If it is dirty, it should be washed in warm water.

Don’t worry about damaging it, the best eyelashes will be cleaned without causing any damage.

After washing the lashes, you can dry them with soft paper or a hair dryer.

Then you can put it on the box or false eyelash box.

In addition, the appearance of different materials is also different.

Some unhealthy eyelashes cannot be cleaned, nor can they be cleaned after removing them, just place them on the box.

When you wash the damaged eyelashes, it will destroy the shape of the eyelashes, and when you apply it again, they will lose the 3D effect.

Therefore, Lashes recommends that you buy luxury eyelashes from Best Lashes suppliers.

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