Customizing a lash packaging box of your own brand is very important for the eyelash business. So how can Have your own custom lash packaging box?

candy lash packaging
butterfly lash packaging

Prepared Your Brand Logo for Custom Lash Packaging Box!

When we doing custom service we need high quality custom logo eyelash boxes for your beautiful lashes, false eyelash brand names, fonts, graphics, slogans before design. If you don’t have your own logo, you can tell me.YSL Lashes will have designer design according to your ideas for custom logo eyelash packaging!

Once you send your lash logo, designer will make a rendering which is eyelash cases with a logo, custom logo lash boxes for you. If you are not satisfied with the renderings, it does not matter, the design team of YSL Lashes can modify a customized eyelash case for you for free until you are satisfied.

black eyelash cases
butterfly lash packaging boxes

Confirm Your Custom Eyelash Boxes With Design

The designer will send the final design to you before the official production of the false eyelash box for your final confirmation. Once the custom eyelash boxes design is confirmed, the factory will carry out production in strict accordance with the design drawings.

Advantage of YSL Lash Wholesale Lash Boxes

beautiful eyelash packaging
custom eyelash cases

YSL Lashes has own Eyelash Packaging factory, In order to help customers who have just started eyelash business, the minimum order quantity is 0 pieces!

We also offer free custom designs for custom lash packaging box. Our designer will make rendering FREE of Charge. If you don’t have your own logo or box design, the designer will design FREE Empty Lash boxes you like.

We have too many advantages. Regarding false eyelashes, eyelash packaging boxes and other false eyelash products. We are the most professional. We are one of the largest eyelash factory and eyelash manufacturer in China. We have anything related to faux eyelashes!

Seizing the opportunity is now! Contact us!

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