How much do you know about eyelash production?

What technology do we use?

100% pure hand-made, a worker can only do 12 pairs mink lashes one day, we make sure that real mink lashes are symmetrical, beautiful, and the hair tips are the same. Have you ever check how many quantity hair in one piece mink fur eyelashes? The quantity error of number of mink used per group of eyelash does not exceed five hairs. It is difficult to make it. But our professional worker make it, we are proud of our workers. They love each pair lashes as a artwork, maybe like their own baby.

eyelash production

What raw materials are used?

We use the longest hairs on the tail of the otter. The tippy of mink hair are very long, there are no cuts. In the market some cheap raw material, they use cheaper short hairs on body of mink. The peaks of mink hair are broken. Cheap mink lashes using cheap mink hair raw material will be unnatural.

What improvements have been made? Why YSLLASHES is the best lashes company?

The most lashes manufacturer that are generally chemically treated mink hair to make it 3d effect. It will do harm to your . Chemically treatment is the cheapest and quickest way to make mink eyelashes curl. But it will do harm to your eye.Make your eyelids brittle and sensitive.

Our lashes are all heat treated by physical properties, without any chemical treatment. Our mink eyelash production gets to 3d Effect through temperature control.
Dear clients believe you have to wear so many lashes, you can know some which light smell, some strongly chemically smell.

We can confidently say that We are the only factory in the world that has this technology.

Choose ysllashes is your best choice certainly.

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