How to clean your mink lashes?

Do you use mink lashes? Do you find it difficult toclean your mink lashes properly? Many girls wear mink lashes to look attractive and trendy. But they do not follow some basics to clean the lashes. As the result, they cannot use the lashes for the desired period.

Mink lashes are more appreciated for the best quality material and the durability. You can use it for twenty-five times with a proper maintenance. If you want to retain original freshness and ensure the durability, you will have to clean the lashes after every use.

Do you want to know how to clean the mink lashes? If yes, go through the following article. This article will focus on the basic cleaning and maintenance procedures. Anyone can follow them to make the best use of the mink lashes.

Be gentle

ou need to be very careful while removing the mink lashes. Be gentle and do not be hard when removing those lashes. If you do so, you might damage the lashes. Before removing, first, wash your hand with a fragrance-free cleanser or soap. And then use a drop of water-based makeup remover over the lash to loosen the glue. Wait for a few seconds. When the glue will be loosened, it will be easier to remove the lash. Hold the corner of the lash and then gently pull it off. While pulling, make sure that you are not holding the mink hairs. Try to remove slowly without putting any extra effort.

Remove the glue

After removing the mink lash from your own lash, you should try to remove the glue. Make sure that all the glues are removed from the lashes. Otherwise, it might affect your own lash line. Moreover, you need to clean your lash line to prepare it for the next application. Your lash line needs to be cleaned or clear for the proper application.

Avoid water

or cleaning the mink lashes, you should not use water or any other liquid. Water or any liquid substance might damage the shape, style, and curl of the lash. Good quality lashes are normally made of hundred percent natural hairs. If you want to use them for a long time, avoid water soaking and do not use any product for the cleaning.

Adopt natural methods

You can use tweezers to remove the remaining glue from both the back and front sides of the lash band. If required, you can use the fingernail to remove the small pieces of the glue from the lash band. Maintenance is also important like the cleaning. You can store the lashes in the original case to avoid the storage of dust, dirt, and bacteria that can damage the quality and durability of the product. Storing them in the right place will also keep it clean for a long time.

These are some simple things that you need to follow while using the mink lashes. For the durability and repeated use, you need to maintain the lashes properly. Moreover, you will have to avoid water contact and mascara. Both can damage the quality of the lashes. Ysllashes product knowledge

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