1.Choose Your Favorite Eyelash Packaging Box

Choose the packaging box style you like, we have hundreds of Customize Packaging Boxes styles for you to choose. Like regular eyelash books, round eyelash boxes, and custom lash boxes. And every month we will launch some new eyelash boxes for customers to choose from, always keep innovation and provide customers with the most popular packaging box styles on the market.

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Eyelash Vendors

2.Confirm Brand Name

To Customize Eyelash Packaging Boxes, you must have your own eyelash brand. It can be a personal portrait or your name. The brand name is the most important part of the eyelash packaging box. If you don’t have your own brand name and don’t know how to define it, we can provide the brand logos of past customers for your reference.

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3.Determine The Design Drawing

We have an eyelashes vendor have a professional design team, our designers can make design drawings for you after you confirm the order. If you have any dissatisfaction during the process, you can give us feedback, and our designers will redesign until you are satisfied. After you confirm the design drawing, we will arrange the factory to produce it for you in time.

eyelash packaging box

4.Waiting To Receive Your Package

After the packaging completed production, we will arrange workers to put Mink Eyelashes in your custom eyelash packaging and then ship them for you.

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