Beauty and skincare experts have found that many friends use mink eyelashes when they create delicate eye makeup. We all know that false mink eyelashes can make appear dense effect with mink eyelash, but the use of false eyelashes can have a lot of skill. After all, how to use false eyelash to stick a thick effect?

The first step: the appropriate tool that should choose to build eyelash is the most important, miniature small scissors is used to decorate the eyebrow of eye ministry and eyelash length.
When clipping eyelash, should pay attention to do not damage eyelid lower huaidepartment, the finger should stick to the zygomatic place as far as possible, correct posture, so as to be in the condition of clip unnecessary error.

Step 2: after pruning will slightly eyelash line by level with a small brush, comb, according to the direction of volume from down to up, don’t use eyelash curler, eyelash curler commonly fall off for eyelash only aggravate the extrusion speed and damage, carding about minutes, naturally into a state of roll become warped eyelash, because is combed slowly build the second generation product, natural state of consciousness will be easy to form the natural state of roll become warped.

Step 3: it is the coloring of the eyeliner. Here you can choose the eyeliner . The eyeliner is smooth and strong.
The eyeliner is designed to draw the curve of the point line connection easily. First, it should draw 3 points on the eye line, and then use the pen tip and 3 points to present 60 degrees — 70 degrees bending, easily filling the orbital space.
The corners of the eyes at the end are repeatedly painted from the inside out for 2 times, which can make the eyes deep and charming.

Step 4: create a gradual layer of light eye shadow, creating a mirror reflection like gold powder color.
Here you can use a finger or short shape eyeshadow stick to apply the powder on the back of your hand to adjust the color, gently wipe it between the eyebrows, and then take a thick shape eyeshadow stick to blur the edge of the eyeliner area towards the eye socket.
Take eyeliner again the eye shadow area and eyeliner area outline is coincident, achieve the cross-line fusion of 2 parts.
Thus can manifest the bright and bright god, looking forward to the life of the eyes.

Step 5: an eyelash cream with good pulling degree, which can be divided into: shaping mascara and finishing mascara.
Before putting on eyelash creams can daub a few vitamin E serves as foretone, nourishing action.
Base mascara improves density and durability.
Another mascara is not easy to makeup, makeup lasting, finally is daub eyelash creams, want to choose the bristles along compact clusters, thickening of eyelash, this step is very important to gently bend the part of the brush head and brush rod, bottom-up evenly and orderly daub, present a roll become warped eyelash with root trenchant root posture, stay in the eyelashes longer, repeatedly daub, can gently raised pointed to the root of the eyelash, stand now rival flawless perfect three-dimensional false eyelash cool effect.

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