After choosing high-quality Mink Lashes, how to quickly attract consumers’ attention? Let more customers buy your products? Many successful eyelash suppliers have already given the answer. That is to use beautiful Custom Eyelash Packaging to make consumers remember you. Custom eyelash packaging with brand name and logo will help you attract more customers. Not all packaging boxes have this effect. You must choose a good quality Eyelash Packaging. Do you know how to test the quality of the packaging box? Next, I will share with you the method of checking the quality of the packaging box.

Observe The Clarity Of The Printed Pattern

Due to the fact that the production process of some factories does not meet the printing standards and the operation errors of the workers, some packaging boxes will have color errors after printing. Some of them will even blur your design. Therefore, when you decide to order in large quantities, you can first buy a sample box to check whether the pattern printing is clear. If you think it takes too long to buy samples back and forth, you can also ask the supplier to send a video for your confirmation. The video of the box is also a way to show the appearance of the box.

Check The Corners Of The Packaging Box For Glue Overflow

While designing a beautiful logo for the box you choose, the quality of the box is also very important. If the box is not glued firmly, it will affect the use of consumers, and of course, it will bring you some trouble. If the produced box overflows with glue, it will also affect the appearance of the box. Therefore, it is also important to check the box for overflow glue.

Check The Surface Of The Box For Scratches And Peeling Patterns

Because some mink eyelash suppliers use inferior raw materials to make boxes. Therefore, the logo and brand name printed on the packaging box will fall off due to wear and tear during transportation. Many customers have encountered this situation. So after choosing an eyelash packaging supplier, you can ask them to provide customer feedback. This can protect your interests.

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