At the mention of false eyelashes, millions of people will feel makeup feeling is too heavy, it’s not chosen style), eye discomfort (which is you didn’t wear good), always worry about unprofessional (glue) or takes too long (practice for more than 1 minute and a half done faster than brush eyelash is someone will ask, why not brush mascara, one part person eyelash sparse, brushed effect, the second is eyelash eyelash to cream makeup will damage.

And some people say you can graft eyelashes ah, eyelashes, will be easy to fall off, and very fragile. And false eyelash wants to choose only right design brand, can pass off as genuine. And convenient, can change different eyelash according to the makeup look that day.

The use skill that recommends false eyelash for everybody below.

Single eyelid because it will be easy to double, or eyelid thick. Open eyes will be eaten by eyelids if you use cotton thread! Enter! Go to! So the choice sees transparent stem, plastic stem, perhaps take those who do not have cotton thread to be comfortable. But can prop up double eyelid to come, resemble those who form naturally in that way, plus the makeup skill such as eyeliner, often can let an eye enlarge more than one times oh.

If you have fewer eyelashes or want bigger, more expressive eyes, try false eyelashes.

Double eyelid is suitable for false eyelashes with cotton thread stalk.
Cotton thread false eyelash terrier is not easy to become warped, stick up also more invisible.

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