Tomorrow is the annual Mid-Autumn Festival, which is the second-largest traditional festival in China.

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For celebrating, YSLlashes Company gave us employees, and each person prepared a Mid-Autumn moon cake. Speaking of this moon cake is our company’s personal selection from an old moon cake point, each moon cake has the characteristics and taste of each paragraph.

This is also in line with the purpose of YSLlashes so that every eyelash style designed has its own characteristics. Let each eyelash become a unique style in the world.

Our YSLlashes don’t want to make a profit in the eyelash business, but we want to keep doing our brand all the time, and we will always insist on making high-quality eyelash products.

We not only have to make high-quality eyelashes but also let employees enjoy super delicious moon cakes during the holiday season.

Of course, in this festival worth celebrating, YSLlashes on the Mid-Autumn Festival, customers make an order, will get mysterious holiday gifts.

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