Can you get the natural look you desire? Most natural false eyelashes are made from 4 different types of materials: synthetic lashes, horse lashes, silk lashes, and mink lashes.

natural false eyelashes

Natural false lashes are finer than synthetic lashes, and silk lashes tend to be too soft and won’t just curl. This leaves us with synthetic silk or mink lashes. these lashes are known for being comfortable and looking the most natural. They are also very dark, shiny, and very good at holding a curl.

Our Most Natural False Eyelashes

These natural false eyelashes are made from soft natural silk and with our unique handmade craft makes they beautiful than traditional eyelashes. Our lashes feature clear bands (for a more natural look), are easy to clean, last up to 30 times longer and are extremely flexible. We think it’s our most natural looking lash and makes your eyes look even more beautiful without anyone knowing you have stars in them!

These lashes are recommended for almond, hooded, round, one-eyed, down-turned and prominent eye shapes. Don’t worry if your customers not suit them. Because we offer custom design service, if you have your own market data or some very differnet & important customs it’s easy for us to customized for you.

After 11 years development in false eyelashes industry, we finished more than 10 products line. All of them we have our own factory and can offer custom for our customers. From 13mm lashes to 28mm lashes, even 40mm super long eyelashes. From lash glue pen to eyelash packaging boxes, tweezers. No matter what you need, if you are foucs on eyelash industry, you will satisfied with our quality and product chain! Now contact us increase your lash business better again!

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