YSL Real Mink Eyelashes

Wondering what our real mink eyelashes are actually made of? They are made from 100% cruelty-free mink fur that is collected from cruelty-free partner mink farms. Mink is the highest quality material used to make false eyelashes because it has a quality similar to real eyelashes. Our lashes give off very little shine, have a tapered lash line, and maintain a nice curl that makes them look more natural. Many clients prefer to use real mink eyelashes because they are soft, light and fluffy and blend seamlessly with your real lashes.

real mink eyelashes

If you typically use synthetic or silk lashes and want to upgrade your lash experience, give it a try. Once you go real mink eyelashes, you won’t go back. You’ll love the feel and durability of our lashes. With proper care, you can reuse your lashes up to 30 times over in the long run and save yourself some money. I’ve been using the same pair of lashes now for 6 weeks and I love that I can still wear them.

DM styles eyelashes

Maybe you rarely wear lashes, or this is your first pair. We have some styles that will work for you. Our DM Series style lashes are a beautiful, natural style that is perfect for those looking for everyday lashes. To learn more about DM lashes, check out our 20MM lash page 20MM Mink Eyelashes, which is great for those who don’t mind the extra length.

Not only do we offer wholesale lashes, but we also offer custom lashes and eyelash packaging boxes wholesale and customized.

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