There are many different types of false lashes in the beauty industry today, from drugstore lashes to high-end lashes. People are just used to buying “mink” lashes, but never know if they are getting real mink lashes or artificial mink lashes, or what the differences are. So today let’s talk about the differences.

real mink lashes

Real Mink Lashes

Also known as mink fur, real mink, and Siberian mink lashes, these lashes come from the hairs shed by the mink tail.

real mink show

Mink lashes are the most natural lashes in terms of volume and length. They are ultra-light, fluffy and durable. They are comfortable to wear because they are made with a thin cotton band (most quality silk lash now use cotton band as well). The only downside to mink lashes is that they don’t curl as long as synthetic mink. Now our luxury mink lashes overcome this challenge, but for now only the high-end line will have a variety of curls.

Mink eyelashes detail

Our mink lashes are very affordable, with wholesale lashes prices ranging from $4.99 to $11.99, while other companies’ best mink lashes cost between $13.99 and $39.99. Even though the price may seem high compared to velvet lashes, these lashes are a great investment considering they can be used up to 30 times with proper care. When you think about the quality, price and uses of artificial mink lashes, you can see why people choose to pay a higher price for real mink lashes.

All YSL Mink Lashes are 100% real mink lashes. We have over hundreds of styles for you to choose from and support customization.

Synthetic Mink Lashes

vegan lashes and silk lashes

A cheaper alternative to mink lashes are artificial mink lashes. These lashes mimic real mink, but are made of synthetic fibers. Faux mink lashes are low maintenance, budget friendly, and come in a variety of styles. They are less durable and a very small number of people experience a mildly uncomfortable reaction. The stiffness makes it more challenging to apply them, especially if you are a beginner. Fake mink lashes also lack the natural shine of real mink and can become dull after a few weeks. As a result, they look somewhat unnatural after a while.

details of real mink lashes

We have modified our artificial mink lashes after long experiments to make them more natural and durable, and now they can also be used up to 25 times or more, and they have turned out to be a good choice. False mink lashes range in price from $3.99 to $4.99, depending on the length. We also offer a custom service for velvet lashes, which can better suit your fit to different markets and customer groups.

The Real Mink Lash vs. Faux Mink Eyelash Test

There is a way to really test if you are buying real or faux lashes with a burn test. I know it sounds crazy and we would never suggest that you burn your new lashes, but if you want to test mink lashes purchased from other manufacturers.

Carefully take a lighter and burn the hair off of your strip lashes (do this over a sink or closed area). You will be able to tell if your lashes are real or fake by the smell and the way they burn. Real mink burns like real hair. When it burns, the hair should wrinkle and leave ashes. You should also be able to smell the signature “burnt hair” odor. Fake mink lashes are the exact opposite when they burn. They burn like synthetic hair, with a slight black smoke.

Looking for affordable, real mink false eyelashes? Contact us to find your favorite quality mink lashes!


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