The false eyelashes market becoming more and more popular recently. It’s increasing by 7%. Whether you choose lashes you can take on and off by yourself or lash extensions done by a professional, you have so many options for beautiful lashes. Selecting the right mink lashes for your customers will make your business growing faster!

In here, we will skip over the eyelash extensions, you will not need to ask what your customers need here. That depends on your technique and customers in beauty room:)

For most situations, I’ll recommend you choose real mink lashes instead of silk lashes. The good quality, beautiful shape and natural feel will bring you to another level. Try the quality and right mink lashes!

What Is Real and Right Mink Lashes, Why I Recommend You It?

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If you have to try mink lashes and silk eyelashes together before. You will have different feelings about them. I’m not say mink lashes is your best choice. I mean in most situations. Mink eyelashes have more lifespan and the shape are more beautiful and stereoscopic because it’s real mink hair. But if you want your lashes more fluffy and light, silk lashes will be a better choice. Especially our custom-made super long vegan eyelashes.

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Different types of Real Mink Eyelashes

Mink eyelash is a big category, under it we have hundreds of styles. They are designed by our own designer and design team. They went to many countries to find out what’s the best lash styles for them, with ten years of lash experience.

Now we have hundreds of styles mink lashes, you can easily find your favour and popular styles for your customers. Growing business will become easy a lot.

If you want know more about our popular mink eyelashes. Please directly contact our WhatsApp/Email. We will offer you best service and products.


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