I have a client who orders dozens of pairs of eyelashes every time. The volume is small but the frequency is high. But not long ago, she suddenly wanted to make a list larger than usual. She wanted 2000 pairs of eyelashes at a time.

I was very happy when I heard the news, which proves that my client’s business is growing step by step. Her eyelash business is getting better. Then I discussed the style with her, but she wanted eyelashes discounts. I said yes. Old customers like you have placed more eyelashes this time than usual, and the number of eyelash orders can meet our discount conditions.

I helped her calculate all the costs and gave her a discount, but my client wanted a bigger discount. I said that a larger discount is also possible, but a larger number of subscriptions will be given. After listening, my client disagrees, saying that if we let us give a little discount, it will be fine.

I then turned down my customers because I knew that even a little price shouldn’t be.

Because our products are worth the price, otherwise this customer will not always place orders repeatedly and cooperate with us.

Because our products are laid out by the eyelashes of our workers, each pair of eyelashes contains the labor results of our workers. We cannot just lower the price at will based on our wishes. That is disrespect to the workers.

Our high-quality eyelashes can help our customers more stable and long-term occupation of the market. There are many cheap eyelashes in the market, but the cheap ones can neither win the reputation of the customers nor bring them a good experience.

So it is not that we are unwilling to give customers more eyelashes discounts, but we need to know the truth: no matter when a good product is never cheap.

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