Best False Eyelashes For The Wedding Day & Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day and wedding season is coming! How to make you more shiny and different in wedding day? How to express love for your mother on Mother’s Day? What kind of best false eyelashes should I choose? These are all questions your eyelash clients will consider! Even a lot of people have never considered using […]

The sample is representative of the quality

In this era of global information integration. Online shopping has become an indispensable demand in people’s lives. While online shopping brings convenience, it also brings some disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that the quality of the product cannot be determined. It is easy to deceive consumers. Trust in online shopping is also getting lower. Recently, some customers […]

What Is The Advantage Of YSLLashes Mink Lashes 3d Wholesale?

What Is The Advantage Of YSLLashes Mink Lashes 3d Wholesale? Do you know that The Best Mink Lashes are the crystallization of wisdom? The best mink lashes wholesale with special “culture” is basic of mink lashes. We ask every worker must know the culture of our company. Only They know us can they produce the perfect mink […]

Handmade 3d mink Lashes are not exactly the same

Do you know that every pair of 3D mink Lashes are not exactly the same? Every batch of mink lashes looks very slightly different. Many customers don’t know how to explain to consumers why they have subtle differences. Why aren’t mink lashes identical? The thing you need to know that 3D mink lashes are made of natural […]

Manufacturer of High-Quality 3D Mink Lashes

Are you looking for a manufacturer of High-Quality 3D Mink Lashes? Or do you own the 3D mink hair brand business? Want to make your eyelash business bigger? YSLLashes is 3D Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendors and 20mm mink lashes wholesale, 25mm lashes vendors Siberian Mink Strip Lashes Manufacturer. YSLLashes Eyelash Factory is the largest manufacturer […]

ysllashes 3d style mink lashes wholesale

Why are all 20mm and 25mm mink eyelashes on the market? Still, have customers choose short 3d Mink Natural Lashes? First of all, all of us who do eyelashes business know that 3d mink lashes, as the earliest appearance, can display different levels of mink lashes. The market share has always been the largest. It […]

What Is Good Eyelash Glue?

You who wear eyelashes every day, do you know what is good eyelash glue? When we wear 3D Mink Lashes, apart from the comfort of eyelashes, what else are you most concerned about? The last thing I can’t ignore is Eyelash Glue. When you need to attend an event or date a boyfriend. You have […]

Mink Eyelashes Suppliers Wholesale Preferential Activity Attacks

Mink Eyelashes Suppliers Wholesale Preferential Activity Attacks Hello dear friends. I’m sooooooo excited!!!!!!!!! Because today Abby brings a very heavy discount to your friends. Our old customers know that YSLLashes Mink Eyelashes Suppliers Wholesale has never been discounted. Because of no matter from the point of view of our 3D Mink Eyelashes Vendors or the […]

Tips Of Buying False Lashes

When it comes to buying makeup, price has nothing to do with the quality. Expensive doesn’t inherently mean better, and false lashes are no exception to that rule! There are excellent options available at the drugstore. And online for a fraction of the price of department or specialty store lashes. But no matter where you […]

YSLLashes Product Knowledge-1

Here is still the question about Knowledge of Mink Lashes Products raised by many customers to YSLLashes Mink Lashes Vendor. Do you have any of these questions? Come with me! What is the difference between transparent eyelashes band and black mink lashes band? The comfort of the Transparent Eyelashes band and the black eyelashes band […]

Cooperation and Development with YSLLashes-1

YSLLashes Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor Stable Eyelash Supply Chain I already have an eyelash supplier. We have been working together for many years. How are you better than him? YSL Lashes Mink Lashes supplier can provide you with the most stable eyelash supply chain. Every supplier has its own characteristics, I think YSLLashes Mink Eyelashes […]

Frequently asked questions and answers 5

YSLLashes is 3D Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendors and 20mm mink lashes wholesale, 25mm lashes vendors Siberian Mink Strip Lashes Manufacturer. YSLLashes Eyelash Factory is the largest manufacturer and exporter of eyelash extensions and ribbon mink eyelashes in China. Exporting professional Wholesale Mink Lashes and 25mm Lashes and eyelash packaging, Lash Packaging Boxes, eyelash packaging box to the USA. Check here to know […]

Frequently asked questions and answers 1

These days, YSL Lashes Supplier in order to improve our service business, improve our service level. We have simply collected the questions about 3d mink lashes raised by the client recently. Answer the following questions. Dear eyelash customer, if you have any questions about eyelashes. Welcome to ask questions, YSL Lashes supplier will do our […]

Why do we give you eyelashes business advice?

Why do we give you mink eyelashes business advice? Some time ago, our Hunan TV broadcast a variety show called Chinese restaurant. Because of this show, Chinese artist Huang Xiaoming has gained popularity with a very straight man’s language. What was the sentence that came out of Huang Xiaoming’s mouth? I don’t want you to […]

New 20mm mink lashes DM33 DM34

Hello everyone, today I came with two new 20mm mink lashes DM33 and DM34. Honey, you can tell by the video below. What’s the difference? How about these two styles are not very different or big? Some eyelash customers may ask questions about eyelash styles. Why do you have so many styles of eyelashes, but […]

YSL 25mm double mink eyelash–DB347

The previous blog introduced some of our little knowledge of the 25mm double mink eyelashes in the production process. The following mink eyelashes are my favorite style DB347 in 25mm double mink lashes. Let me first talk about what a 25mm double-layer mink eyelash is in my cognition. 25mm double mink lashes, wild and unrestrained, […]

Do you know what the world’s longest eyelashes look like?

What is the longest eyelashes in the world? Human eyelashes are generally 8~12mm, long eyelashes can make people’s eyes very spirit and very beautiful. Is the most beautiful girls want most. But what if eyelashes are longer than 10 centimeters? The eyelashes of this lady from Jiangsu province are 12.4cm long… Feel those strange eyelashes! […]

How to identify good eyelash factory?

Good suppliers How to identify good eyelash factory ?With the expansion of the eyelash market, more people have seen the opportunities of the eyelash business. More and more people are starting their own eyelash business. More and more eyelash shopkeepers mean more and more eyelash wholesalers come out. Although there are a lot of eyelash […]

Mink Lashes Manufacturer and Wholesaler “Why” Choose YSL Lashes

YSL Lashes is a professional manufacturer and wholesaler for quality eyelashes, mink lash, and 3D mink lashes. We are a large enterprise integrating eyelashes design, production, and international trade export. Our Design: We insist on the original design, and never copy others. We have been designing and innovating constantly. Our mink lashes design is leading […]

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