In your eyes, what does a guy’s makeup look like?

Recently, British soccer star David Beckham appeared on the cover of a magazine. The magazine shows him in bold blue eyeshadow. And he’s not the only brit to experiment with makeup.

More and more men are experimenting with cosmetics. And more and more cosmetic products are targeting men.

MMUK, Europe’s largest male cosmetics brand by far with turnover of £1m last year. He said third of British men would be using products such as concealer, beard cream and brow gel by 2020.

By 2023, the global market for men’s cosmetics. Which includes not only moisturizers but also foundation, bronzer and brow powder. Is projected to reach $78.6 billion, according to a research firm. These Numbers may seem like hyperbole, but in fact, the global men’s cosmetics market was $57.7 billion in 2017, and growing rapidly.

The sheer size of the data illustrates the growing number of men wearing make-up.
This is a great opportunity for the vendors in our cosmetics industry.

Social media is an important factor in the development of men’s beauty.

Internet bloggers such as Britain’s Jack Jamie, who has grown up with the Internet, are putting more emphasis on men’s grooming.

From this, we can see that. The market potential of male cosmetics is so huge.

In fact, both boys and girls, the pursuit of beauty. Our goals are all the same.

So we each eyelash store owner, might as well try to open up the boy eyelash market. Maybe that will open up a new world for you!

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