What is mink lashes and faux mink lashes?

Buying lashes can be confusing enough with figuring out the type of look you’re going for. Add on words like mink and faux mink, and the confusion just spirals. Though faux mink lashes tends to be the most popular of lashes, here is the difference between the two.

Mink Lashes

These mink lashes come from the mink tail, and are typically bought from those wanting an extremely natural look. Being made of real hair they are very light and fluffy, which is why they tend to last longer than the alternative. Yet mink eyelashes are more expensive than faux. They don’t typically come curled, but you can curl the lashes at home with a heated curler to accentuate the eyes even more. Since the hair is permed, curling them at home needs to be repeated to maintain their look. Real mink lashes are much more comfortable to wear, and have a natural shine that many synthetic lashes lack.

Mink eyelashes contains protein, is better for the eyes and is more real.



Faux Mink Lashes

On the other hand, the alternative to the real are man-made, synthetic lashes which tend to also have a natural look in accordance with their length, and are more wallet friendly. Faux mink lashes are made to imitate real mink and are bought more often because of their low maintenance and permanent curl. They do not last as long, and can sometimes become uncomfortable to wear after a few hours. Their natural shine can become dull after a few weeks as well. On the bright side, faux mink lashes tend to come in a larger variety of lengths and styles and are great for a night out in town!

Whether you’re buying real mink or faux mink, lashes come in many lengths and materials, and make your eyes stand out by giving them the pop they deserve. Visit our store for handmade, real mink lashes with no added chemicals or dyes. Our Ysllashes are extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear, and come in a variety of exclusive and unique designs like no other.



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