Cruelty-Free Limits Sales Of Mink Lashes

Mink lashes are being discriminated against for the cruelty-free controversy, many hypermarkets and supermarket chains reject mink lashes because the suppliers cannot provide cruelty-free certification. This has caused great dissatisfaction among consumers, because mink lashes are the most comfortable experienced variety among all eyelashes, and they need mink lashes for daily makeup. If there are no powerful suppliers to purchase mink eyelashes, then they cannot buy high-quality mink eyelashes at a cheap price. So consumers want to know if mink lashes are truly cruelty-free. Why can’t get cruelty-free certification? Where can buy cheap cruelty-free mink lashes? YSL Eyelash Wholesale Supplier will give you an explanation from the perspective of manufacturers and suppliers.

What Are Cruelty-Free Mink Lashes?

Cruelty-free mink eyelashes mean mink eyelashes from the material part, production part and inspection part, from top to bottom, without harming or killing animals.
Mink eyelashes are discriminated against because they are involved in the fur industry. Everyone knows that mink fur is used to make high-end winter clothing. It is very beautiful, the price is very high, and the profit is very high. This has led to the industrialization of breeding mink and killing them for fur. The industry, which was soon boycotted by the four non-governmental organizations PETA, Australia’s Choice Cruelty-Free (CCF), the US Consumer Cosmetic Information Coalition (CCIC), and the UK’s Cruelty-Free International The organization has a broad mass base, and boycott this cruel product of mink fur coats! From boycotting mink coats to boycotting mink eyelashes, here’s why mink eyelashes are discriminated against.

Are Mink Lashes Cruelty-free?

YSL Mink Eyelash Wholesaler produces cruelty-free mink eyelashes and applies to China’s official inspection agency to certify upstream suppliers and its own production process, proving that mink eyelashes from raw materials to production do not harm or kill animals.

CCIC certification guarantees cruelty-free hair

YSL eyelash wholesale supplier produces cruelty-free mink eyelashes, our mink hair suppliers provide cruelty-free mink hair, we have applied for CCIC (China Commodity Inspection Company) certification for hair suppliers, proving that their mink farming complies with zero Cruel environments, the mink hair is cut from the adult mink, it is taken from the live mink, just like shearing sheep in Australia, instead of killing the mink to get the eyelashes, the local CCIC organization conducts an annual inspection on the hair suppliers Annual assessment, thus ensuring cruelty-free mink hair

Certification Of The Production Process Guarantees Cruelty-free

The production of mink eyelashes includes an artificial arrangement of eyelashes according to the eyelash map, sticking of eyelash stems, physical heating and shaping, trimming, packing, shipping, etc. We have applied for the local CCIC certification, which proves that it is a cruelty-free processing process.

Why Mink Lashes Can’t Be Cruelty-Free Certified

The supply chain of American lash suppliers is too long, and it is expensive and difficult to obtain certification. They do not want to do certification. Mink eyelashes are mainly produced in China, and there is no similar Leaping Bunny certification body in China.

Why Can’t US Vendor Be Certified Cruelty-free?

High-quality mink eyelashes are all handmade, so the eyelash factories are distributed in areas with cheap labor, and the scale is relatively small. American eyelash suppliers such as ARDELL, KISS will have many small eyelash manufacturers supply eyelashes for them, and the organization will be certified It will be very cumbersome and the time period is long, and there is no cost performance, so they give up certification, and even give up the category of mink eyelashes.
Amor mink wholesalers speculate that mink eyelashes are worn by dark-skinned people, who have weak purchasing power, so they abandon the mink eyelashes variety to avoid being attacked by organizations that oppose mink eyelashes, posing a threat to their entire eyelash product chain.

Why Aren’t Manufacturers Certified Cruelty-free?

The manufacturers of mink eyelashes are mainly located in China, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries, not in the United States and Canada, but the largest consumer of mink eyelashes is in the United States, and the Leaping Bunny certification is only for American and Canadian companies. Therefore, the manufacturer cannot obtain certification at all.
However, Amor eyelash wholesalers have obtained the zero-cruelty certification from the authoritative organization CCIC. This CCIC means China Commodity Inspection Company) instead of (Coalition for Consumer Information in Cosmetics, CCIC). Although we do not have certification from the US agency, we do produce cheaper cruelty-free mink lashes.

Where Can Buy Cruelty-free Mink Lashes?

To buy cheap cruelty-free mink eyelashes, find YSL mink eyelashes wholesalers. We provide a complete set of solutions. After reintegrating the mink fur supply chain and skilled workers, we have reduced production costs and passed benefits to our consumers. Now as long as you invest $135, we can send you 30 pairs of mink eyelashes with free shipping, and there is also beautiful brand packaging, shipping to your home for $135, saving $40 compared to before! I recommend you to buy dramatic eyelashes, because the multi-layered hand-laid mink eyelashes, three-dimensional, plump, fluffy, very dramatic look, make you stand out, and will bring you a lot of compliments.

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