As a company deeply involved in the eyelash industry, we create handmade wholesale vegan lashes and cruelty-free false eyelashes that believe in the perfect pair of lashes for everyone.

Vegan and Cruelty Free Wholesale Vegan Lashes

We love animals, which is why all of our false eyelashes are cruelty-free and vegan. Not only do we use cruelty-free mink fur, but we also conduct extensive research on vegan materials to come up with alternative materials that give you similar results. So if you are looking for cruelty free and vegan lashes, make YSL Lashes your first choice.

Wholesale vegan lashes
showing our vegan lashes

As part of this, we also make an effort to be environmentally friendly. We have developed a naturally biodegradable lash case and lash tray, and are the first company on the market to use a biodegradable lash tray. Not just to reduce costs and promote the use of paper lash boxes.

Creativity of Wholesale Vegan Lashes

We are creative people, so we strive to bring you a beautiful, well thought out, high quality range of vegan false eyelashes; whether for everyday use, special occasions or a unique edgy look. We love to support artists and we work with many models and makeup artists to provide them with the best luxury eyelashes. We are also the first choice of many luxury stores in North America. Because only the best products combined with the best designs can meet their needs.

wearing effect of our wholesale vegan lashes

From multi-layered false eyelashes to individual false eyelashes, from faux mink lashes to real mink lashes, from colored false lashes to lower lashes; we’ve got every possible scenario covered and everything you need. we at YSL Lashes use a decade of experience, meticulous research and conversations with professionals to personally design products to meet your market and your needs. Even if you’re new to the eyelash business, we can help you succeed by providing you with the hottest and potentially hot products in your market.

Professional Staff

YSL Lashes is made up of a team of professionals, so we understand your needs and desires when it comes to false eyelashes. We pride ourselves on providing quality false eyelashes and helping you grow your sales!

Want to purchase and learn more details about false eyelashes? You can contact us directly and we will provide you with the most professional service!


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