Ysllashes’s 3D mink lashes beauty secrets.

There may be many unanswered questions when it comes to Ysllashes 3D mink lashes. Why do they always receive soo many compliments? Why do men find them soo attractive to females? What is it about these big, extra fluffy, and dramatic 3D lashes that have been causing a stir around the globe? Well, these celebs seem to love them and so do many models as you’ve probably seen on Instagram but why?

One thing man kind have known is that your eyes are the centre of attention, some might say the gateway to your soul. Ultimately we know one thing, they are bloody important! Well if they are so important then the least we could do is make them look as amazing as possible, right? and we all know 3d mink eyelash is the place to start. As 3d mink eyelash extensions have taken over from the old synthetic eyelash that only last a few wears if that. Ysllashes’s 3D mink lashes have swarmed the market especially the mink lashes. which is voted by many consumers the best mink lashes they have worn. i guess you all want to know why?

Well these questions have been driving members of the Ysl team completely insane, so we made it one of our life long missions to find out the secret behind the YSL 3D mink lashes.

Well, let’s start with what we do know, which is quite a lot actually (well I hope it is), but before we go further. As most already know Ysl lashes is one of the very few eyelash beauty companies that actually do use 100% naturally shed mink for the hand manufacturing of the Ysllashes 3D mink lashes, hence why the price is not cheap as it is not always readily available due to the waiting time for the mink hairs and the demand, but we do pride ourselves in being 100% cruelty-free.

Well, the Kylie mink Lash extension is designed with thick V pattern as you can see, this design gives the Lash an extremely glam look, full of volume and texture, creating a very 3d design. These 3d mink lashes are at their longest in the middle and outer corners creating a stunning, wing-eyed type look to the lash.

The lashes are very dramatic but hey a bit of drama doesnt hurt sometimes these mink eyelash also last very long, upto 25 applications if you look after them. And for the health and safety conscious beautiful women out there they are also free from chemical dyes and processes!

These Ysl mink eyelash  create a sexy look for a evening or night out, but they dont come with glue unfortunately, my advice is buy Duo adhesive, dont cut any corners when it comes to your eyes!

But hey, as mentioned previously check out the pictures of other girls on Instagram and the YSL 3d mink lashes product page, and please write a review after you try the lashes and tell us why you think these 3d mink lashes are soo amazing, I want to hear your thoughts!

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