Why Can’t You Receive Good Customer Feedback?

When you are ready to Start Your Own Eyelash Business and look for a suitable supplier, what issues do you usually care about? “What is the supplier’s inventory?” “How long does the shipping time take?” “Is there any good customer feedback I can check?” Do you feel relieved after seeing customer feedback? Yes, everyone believes you only after seeing the evidence.

Then some customers will ask: “Why can’t I receive customer feedback” Today, I will tell you Why Can’t You Receive Good Customer Feedback.

Your Product Quality Is Not Good Enough

Honey, when you Wholesale Mink Eyelashes, do you just want to buy the most eyelashes with the least amount of money to maximize your benefits? Have you overlooked the quality of the eyelashes you buy? Please don’t forget at any time, only high-quality products will win the trust of customers. Why we can receive so many customer feedback, it is precisely because our product quality is good enough.

If you buy low-quality eyelashes, your customers will stab their eyes after wearing them, and they will completely lose trust in you, let alone provide you with customer feedback. You may receive a lot of bad reviews. What a terrible thing this is, it will ruin your eyelash career.

Bad Customer Service

The eyelash business not only needs the support of a steady stream of new customers, but also the return orders from old customers. So how do new customers become old customers? Not only depends on the quality of your products, your service also plays a very important role. Your careful and thoughtful service to your customers can be felt. Through your service, the customer knows that you are a trustworthy supplier, so she will not easily replace you.

You should treat your customer as a friend, not when your customer completes the order, you completely forget her, and you don’t even answer her questions. This attitude is completely wrong! Your customers will be completely disappointed in you. Not only can it not provide you with good customer feedback. On the contrary, you will lose a customer.


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