Many people start their own eyelash business with confidence, but soon find that their orders are getting less and less, which is much different from what they imagined. Mr. Eric, a marketing expert of YSL Wholesale Eyelash Vendors, said that they probably have the following problems. If these problems cannot be solved effectively, their eyelash business will not improve. Dear, have you encountered this kind of problem, you can leave a message under the blog.

Order cheaper bad-quality Mink Lashes
Bad-quality Mink Lashes are poorly shaped, loose in structure, dry and sticky! They will bring a very bad experience to customers! Customers will not tell you about this bad experience, of course, they will not purchase again, and leave without saying goodbye, even if this customer is one of your friends.

Orders without after-sales tracking cannot last
Many new customers need technical support, including how to apply eyelashes, how to remove eyelashes, and maintain eyelashes. Excellent sellers will give customers quite clear instructions by email, phone, etc. after placing an order, and get friendly feedback from customers! Meanwhile, customers also need your confidence praise. The purpose of after-sales tracking is also to give customers praise and confidence!It is very important to so keep in touch with customers and increase the chances of customers repurchasing.
Can’t impress customers

Customers are not impressed
If your customers do not impress by your Mink Lashes or your service, they will forget you in a very short time! Getting orders from customers is the beginning of the business, not the end. Only leave your customers a deep impression of you and trust you through orders, then there will be continuous orders! But how to leave a deep impression on customers? Exquisite packaging, considerate service, professional guidance, frequent communication, and beautiful comments are all methods. Which way are you good at?

Not managing good social media channels
In this mobile internet world, if you do not manage a good social media IG, you are a half-loser for Mink Lash Business! You don’t need to spend money hiring models to do eyelash makeup, you can show how your 3D Mink Lashes work through your Instagram video posts!!
Social media can best demonstrate the quality of eyelashes and can leave a very confident hint to customers. It can also bring sufficient traffic to your eyelash business and increase the stickiness of eyelash consumers. Customers who come from social media traffic, always like to follow your account and give you likes and shares, such customers are very sticky! Without this support, your eyelash business will not do well!

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