False lashes are human decoration, regardless of Chinese and foreign ancient and modern. Have a pair of bright eyes, a perfect foil to their appearance is the pursuit of most people! We pay attention to the external image, so that the development of modern beauty industry is getting better and better!

A woman’s need for mink lashes is a huge gold mine

YSL mink lashes sells like hot cakes all over the world, hot United States, the problem came, false eyelash is chased after by the world people behind, is the eyelash low tide with grim situation inside world limits?

No, the business of mink lashes depends on the demand of make-up girls!

We all know that most eyes in the west are born with high brow bones and deep eye sockets, and natural eyelashes are not particularly long.

However, if women want to pursue personality and fashion beauty, they can think of one way – mink eyelashes

For the women of the world who make up, false eyelashes are as much a necessity as we wear clothes. They start to wear eyelashes when they are very young. In some western countries with better economic conditions, many women are willing to spend half or more of their income on beauty products. If a western girl meets you without makeup, there are only two possibilities. One is that you are close enough, and the other is that she doesn’t care about you at all.

Even for ordinary women, a pair of $100 expensive eyelashes, as long as you like, is a must buy; Add in regular eyelashes treatments, regular replacement lashes, etc., and you have an incredible amount of money to spend over the course of a year!

Given the differences in eyelash type, buyer race, age, and culture, there are possibilities for product differentiation in this market. Practices, climate, fashion trends, and even economics have an impact. However, it is the end user’s brand loyalty that determines the retailer’s inventory decision.

The quality of raw materials in this market is very important.

Chemicals used in hazardous beauty and personal care products may lead consumers to demand safer and safer alternatives and to concern about product quality and safety issues.

The strongest drivers of the consumer market are a new generation of consumers, who are more aware of the use of new technologies, and less loyal to historic brands. Social media creates a new Shared culture, and it puts more pressure on companies to create a quality consumer shopping experience. Even many well-known brands need to compete harder to expand their customer base and must meet the challenge. On the other hand, players can take advantage of these trends to attract buyers by meeting the needs of specific customers, that is, by providing value, new engagement experiences, or product innovations.

Ysllashes can give you everything you want.

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