YSL 25mm double mink eyelash–DB347

The previous blog introduced some of our little knowledge of the 25mm double mink eyelashes in the production process.

The following mink eyelashes are my favorite style DB347 in 25mm double mink lashes.

Let me first talk about what a 25mm double-layer mink eyelash is in my cognition.

25mm double mink lashes, wild and unrestrained, sexy, and charming.
All the words related to sex that I can think of in my mind can be used to describe 25mm double mink lashes. They have a wild beauty.

Let me feel that the mink eyelashes are the nature of releasing a beautiful woman.

False eyelashes are so beautiful.

The DB347 is made from two styles, DH004 and DH007. The DH004 itself is a very popular style of 3D 25mm mink lashes, a messy and orderly cross arrangement. It resembles the shape of a dancing butterfly, making it more interesting in the eyes. DH007’s downward split arrangement makes the eyelashes interlace like a fishing net. Beauty is always reflected in these casual little details.

The combination of these two eyelashes makes the DB347 look more interesting. Playful and charming, yet elegant.

If you happen to need a music festival, a party that makes you feel relaxed, or you are a prospective bride. Be sure to try our 25mm double mink eyelash, which will definitely make you the best in the audience. Grab everyone’s eyes.

Wear our false eyelashes and let each girl feel that she is the most beautiful and unique. This is the wish of each of our eyelash wholesalers.

YSL lashes, your best eyelash wholesaler.


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